Wole is a visionary leader at the Flaming Sword Ministries, where he serves as the Executive Director and Founder. His role extends to being the President of The Flaming Sword Institute of Christian Drama, where he guides the vision and direction of the institute. He is also the mastermind behind “THE FLAME & THE SWORD,” the ministry’s official magazine, and the Keep it Burning annual teaching conference.

In addition to his leadership roles, Wole is a talented scriptwriter and film producer, credited with many of the ministry’s impactful movies and TV serials. His creative endeavors are complemented by his literary contributions, as he has authored numerous books on church workers for church growth.

Wole’s dedication to spreading the vision of Drama as an end-time tool is evident in his work and leadership style. His commitment to excellence and his passion for ministry have inspired many, making him a respected figure in the Christian community.

Outside of ministry, Wole is a family man, married to Bambo, and blessed with both biological and spiritual children. His prayer is to finish the race well, without putting God or the Church of God to shame, a testament to his humility and dedication to his faith.

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