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Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals for missions in Japan and Ghana. Your generous donation will fund our mission of salvations and assist the needs of our struggling brothers and sisters who has lost all for their salvation. 

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The Purpose of Worship

This deep discussion on worship will help you realize not only the true purpose of worship but also the true root of your salvation. 

Broadcast Prophetic Impact Host Prophetess Kendria Moore with Prophetess Rosetta Singleton of Flaming Sword Ministries.

Radio message now faith is

Build Your Faith

This message will help you locate where you are in your faith walk and help identify why your faith may not be working.

How Can a Good God Allow bad things

This is an age old question that has seem to go unanswered for a lot of people. I am believing that when you are done with listening to this message your question would be answered. Please note, some of these messages only  have a 28 minute time limit on the broadcast.


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About Me

My Background


My story is one of coming from an unprivileged family with many aunts and uncles. My family was full of alcoholism, drugs, violence and perversion.  Born in Brooklyn, NY in 1976 my mom moved us to Charlotte NC while I was young child, in hopes of a better life for me my brother Clarence Singleton and sister Sadie Knight.  Unfortunately that move was unable to keep us safe and protected. As a child I was molested as well as watch how violence, and addictions can really destroy a family.  At the age of 15 I had my first abortion while seeking unconditional love in all the wrong places and all while being raised in the "church".  I had my son Anthony D. Singleton at the age of 17. I never desired to be a statistic but at 17 I had come to realize that my life was nothing more than that, one big statistic. Desiring more for myself and my son, I gave my life to Christ for real at the age of 20 and never looked back. In the process of growing in God I had begin to realize that I didn't only have worth and identity in Him but also a Call on my life. On 11/17/08 I had a visitation from God and over nearly an hour He shared with me many things including what I was going to be doing for Him such as preaching His gospel, administering deliverance with a ministry rich with His Glory with His signature of signs and wonders following. Persevering through the fiery test and trails I've found myself with the true understanding that it is no longer me who lives but Christ who lives through me. Therefore, I do not proclaim to be a miracle worker or a healer for it is Holy Spirit who does the work through me, I am only the vessel who said yes. Therefore all and I do mean ALL praise and Glory goes to my heavenly Father, God, the creator of heaven and earth.  On a special note He also told me He named me Rosetta and to look it up, and I would understand. My mom later shared how I ended up with my name because she never had any intentions on naming me Rosetta. Since then I have opened a preschool Christian academy named Christian Playmates where children are trained up in the admonition of the Lord. I'm also the founder of Flaming Sword Ministries in Charlotte NC which is more than a deliverance ministry for Flaming Sword Ministries is one that lives up to its' names. The sword being the Word of God and the Fire being the Spirit of God. In todays time many try to separate one from the other and you just can't do it and walk in the full authority as a believer.  I am also the founder of Glory Mane which teach women of color how to grow waist length hair. The founder of Poetry of Praise and of Rose Thorn Productions which all brings glory to the Kingdom of God. Giving God all the praise I am grateful that my son did not become not one statistic. He is a strong black male who has never seen the inside of a jail or prison, he's now engaged to a beautiful young lady by the name of Ashely Gilmore, has no children out of wedlock and just graduated with a double major from UNCC. To God be all the glory!

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Overseeing Ministries


Flaming Sword Ministries is the Parent Ministry of A Sister's Love Ministries, Prepared Table Ministries and Rose Thorn Production Ministries.

For everything situation in your life, worship!


We must stay in our Word, Pray and Worship

Play "While I Wait"



7pm - 10pm

To be announced

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We invite you to come out and enjoy one of Rose Thorn Production's greatest play yet  "While I Wait". This Play shows the different stages women of God goes through while she is waiting on her Boaz. This play depicts The Good, The Bad and The "He is finally here"

7pm - 10pm

To be announced

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Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will allow Flaming Sword Ministries reach more souls with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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